Disabled woman in tears after being ‘mocked and laughed at’ in Home Bargains

A disabled woman has claimed that she was mocked and laughed at by staff in Home Bargains, causing her to cry.

Dianna Slade was shopping in the Bidston Moss store when she accidentally dropped some car mats that knocked a member of staff as they fell.

She was struggling to pick them up due to her having functional neurological disorder (FBD), which affects the nervous system and the body’s ability to send and receive signals.

FND sends unnecessary pain signals, triggering chronic fatigue and seizures while hindering a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks.

Due to her condition, Dianna, 37 mainly relies on getting her shopping delivered however she had felt determined to venture out for only the second time that month.

Her FND means that she wears an elbow crutch to help her walk, and when she dropped the mats her hands were ‘shaking’ as she held a basket in her other hand.

She said that the member of staff gave her a “horrible” look despite Dianna being very apologetic, and stood watching with two other staff members while she struggling to pick everything up.

In her tearful video posted on Twitter, she explains how she could hear them laughing at her as she walked away while one of the staff members said: “its a bit early to be drinking, isn’t it?”

The situation had left her feeling as though her confidence “down in the gutter”.

In the video she posted on Twitter she shows her green sunflower lanyard, which is worn to ensure that retail staff can recognise whether someone has a hidden disability and may require extra help.

Dianna, from Meols, Wirral, said: “I’m disabled not drunk. It broke my heart. I was sobbing and I just felt ashamed.

“What had happened so far was bad enough but that just humiliated me. Saying that to someone who’s visibly disabled or as visibly struggling as I was, it was heartless and really uncalled for.

“Before it happened I could feel an onset of fatigue coming over me, so I felt very wobbly and my body started to twitch. Knowing my body as I do that means it’s time to rest.

“I pulled everything together and I started hobbling to the tills. I could really feel the panic attack coming on. My mascara was down by my chin at this point and I was shaking.

“As I turned around the corner of the aisle I heard a male voice say ‘it’s a bit early to be drinking isn’t it?’ and the three of them had a little giggle at my expense.

“I was feeling very small and insignificant. Making the video was my way of sticking up for myself because there was no way I could storm in there and confront anyone.”

She expressed wanting staff at Home Bargains to receive training on disability awareness, and for those involved to understand the impacts of their actions.