Woman disgusted after she ‘finds someone else’s tooth’ in mouthful of Subway salad

A woman has told of her horror after claiming she found a tooth in her Subway salad.

Sarah Clifford, 53, said she bought the snack from her local branch in Bedford on Monday and took it home to enjoy.

But she said soon after she started munching on the veg, she felt a hardness in her mouth, spat it out and realised that along with her food, was a tooth.

Sarah, who was not missing a tooth so knew it had come from the salad, said: “I felt a hardness, and thought, ‘My goodness, what is that?’

“I spat it out and looked and I thought, ‘No way,’ it was a tooth. It was disgusting. I was disgusted and appalled.

“Covid is around but there are still other diseases. That had been in somebody’s mouth and was then in mine.”

The next day Sarah says she went back to the Subway store to complain, but claims she still has yet to receive an apology. The company says it’s investigating.

Sarah has provided photographs of the tooth she spat out.

She said: “The man behind the counter said, ‘It’s not my tooth.’

“I said, ‘I know its not but its come out of your salad.’ He said, ‘I chopped it up myself, it’s not mine.’

“I asked for the manager and he said he was it and he wanted proof I had brought it. I didn’t have the receipt so I brought it up on my phone.

“I couldn’t get through on any phone number or email address to Subway.”

Sarah said she even asked the man behind the counter for details of the franchisee, but she claims he told her he could not give them to her.

She said: “I’ve never had an experience like this before. I don’t want to go back there again. I’ve not even got a sorry, but I had this tooth in my hand and the salad in the other hand and he asked, ‘What do you want?’

“I told him I wanted to take it further because I had had someone’s tooth in my mouth, it’s disgusting.

“I knew it wasn’t his tooth, I said, ‘It must have come from the packaging’ but he said he had chopped the salad up but things like the spinach already come pre-prepared. Not everything is produced by them.

“I just got nothing. Not even an apology.”

A spokeswoman for Subway said: “The health and safety of our guests is of paramount importance to Subwayand we have multiple diligent processes in place to ensure that our guests are served with only the safest products possible.

“We understand that the franchise manager took immediate action on Monday upon being informed of the complaint, but we are currently working with the franchise owner to investigate further.”