Woman receives ‘sweet’ note on last day of work but others think it’s ‘creepy’

It’s not unusual for people to receive gifts or cards when they leave a workplace – but one message received by a woman on her last day has caused a stir online.

A woman named Libby took to Twitter to share the note she was given by a regular patron at the pub where she worked, after she completed her final shift before heading off university.

The note read: “Libby, have a great time at university and have a couple drinks on me. PS good luck.”

Also included with the message was a £20 note.

In her tweet, Libby wrote: “A regular in the pub I work at has given me this on my last shift.”

And while the note seems sweet enough, commenters were concerned the message came off as “creepy” – especially as Libby is a young woman.

One person wrote: “I get that the guy is trying to do something nice here, but it can’t just be me who thinks that a bit creepy.”

While another said: “I can’t decide whether that’s wholesome or creepy…”

However, others were adamant the mystery patron was just doing a good deed with their gesture and meant nothing by it.

Someone wrote: “This country of today … some bloke can’t do something nice without getting rubbished by people.”

And another added: “It’s a nice gesture. And always tip when you go to a bar. As someone who worked in a bar all through university, I can promise you that usual tip of 10p or 20p mounts up and makes a huge difference to someone on minimum wage.”

Before a third also posted: “I don’t think that’s creepy, I think it’s a genuine gesture.”

Further commenters shared their own stories about working in customer service jobs and getting similar treatment from regulars.

One wrote: “When I left the pub my favourite regulars gave me like £50 and a card and flowers. One of them used to go to Greggs for me and get me a sausage roll.”

While a second said: “This reminds me of time when I left the coffee shop for an office job and the customer gave me a gift card for a local shopping centre to buy some office attire.”