What makes us special...award img
   Between 1995 and 2014 twenty-five St. Jerome eighth grade students have been awarded the Neumann Scholarship. This is a full academic scholarship to any diocesan high school. In addition, over $259,600 in scholarship money was offered to our graduating class of 2014. Students in grades 4 through 8 have participated in and were awarded various ribbons in the Reading Olympic Competitions. In 2011 a student won first place in the Archbishop Ryan Spelling Competition. He was awarded $4000.00 toward his high school tuition. Math teams have consistently placed in the top six in the Mathcounts Philadelphia Chapter Competition. Individuals have placed in the top ten. St. Jerome School was a silver level school from 2007 to 2012 in the Mathcounts Club Program and gold level school in 2011. In the Pennsylvania Mathematics League of the Philadelphia region Saint Jerome teams have consistently placed in the top four. Some of Saint Jerome students are consistently in the top ten of the high schools they attend.
Our School History...
   In October of 1955 St. Jerome Parish was established on the Feast of the Holy Rosary. Almost one year later In September 1956 under the guidance of Mother Ann Margaret and two other Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Jerome School was opened. In four borrowed class rooms from St Hubert’s High School, 266 children formed six grades. Then in September of 1957 St. Jerome’s School opened with an enrollment of 403 students, adding a second building to the school several years later to support the more than 1500 students.

Award img   Today we continue to teach the same Catholic values that were taught almost sixty years ago. Christ remains the center of our school community but we have grown with the times. Our children learn computer literacy, Web-quest, word processing, the creation and use of a data base, and all subject areas through projects and hands on activities that are based in real world situations in order to meet the educational needs in today's world.
STEM Img    STEM education offers students one of the best opportunities to make sense of the world holistically, rather than in bits and pieces. STEM education removes the traditional barriers erected between the four disciplines, by integrating them into one cohesive teaching and learning paradigm. STEM education is an interdisciplinary approach to learning where rigorous academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons as students apply science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in contexts that make connections between school, community, work, and the global enterprise enabling the development of STEM literacy and with it the ability to compete in the new economy, by helping the children understand and become:
• Problem-solvers • Innovators • Technologically literate • Inventors • Logical thinkers and most Importantly Self-reliant.